Business Impact through Mastering Change

A wise person once said “The only constant thing is change.” Especially as software professionals, it is very important to be able to master change and thus achieve business impact. Change has many dimensions and meanings. Too often, it is the software persons at the end of the “food chain” that have to realize a last-minute change in the system, so having architectures and processes which offer the right amount of flexibility (too much is also not good) to accommodate expected and unexpected changes are important. Furthermore, we strive to improve the productivity of software development by bringing new techniques into our organizations for example cloud computing,
multicore, increased attention to security topics, a more holistic view from innovation to continuous delivery, and any such change will have significant impacts on the organization and will require good change management and attention to people issues so that the change really happens in the
hearts and hands of the whole organization.

The OOP itself has changed over time, but the constant was always bringing the key persons together to learn about and discuss the latest trends in software engineering and, more recently, also management areas. I have always been impressed by the high skill level and the open-mindedness of most of the OOP attendees. This has been a motivating factor for me in the past years to bringing the number one experts on the cutting edge topics to Munich for the OOP. This year we have gone to great lengths to put a particularly strong and very timely set of topics together for you. These include recent advances in many of the architecture-related topics such as SOA, Cloud Computing, but also other aspects like large-scale systems and mastering complexity. Early phases such as innovation and requirements engineering as well as continuous delivery, release planning, and testing all are main topics at the OOP. With multicore and mobile we bring you topics to motivate you to do more in these fascinating and strongly growing new areas. And as software is becoming more pervasive, the importance of addressing privacy and security aspects, whether in cloud, enterprise, or mobile context is of great importance and has an impact on all roles.

We are proud to offer you a particularly strong program for the 20th OOP with a mix of tutorials and cutting edge, futuredirected topics. We very much value the attendance of each of you, whether you have been a loyal attendee for many years or a first-timer. I very much look forward to personally meeting
you at the conference.

Best regards,
Frances Paulisch,
Technical Chair OOP conference


As the technical chair of the conference, Dr. Frances Paulisch, has the overall responsibility for the technical quality of the OOP conference. She received her doctorate in the area of software engineering and has extensive experience in software engineering and related management topics. Furthermore, she was editor of the software magazine OBJEKTspektrum.

OOP 2011 Conference Program (PDF)

OOP 2011 Conference Program (PDF)

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