QSM Europe

QSM Europe

QSM has been the industry-leading innovator in software estimation and measurement tools for software management since 1978.
Software development projects are on time and on budget with SLIM-SUITE: the best available toolset for estimating cost, time and effort needed to satisfy software requirements; software procurement; project management control; and to benchmark each project against industry standards.
QSM also provides experienced consultants and training for a complete range of services to measure, estimate and control projects.
Highly configurable to multiple design processes, our clients use SLIM-SUITE for agile development, hardware, infrastructure, model-based development, package implementation, service-oriented architecture, and more.

QSM Europe, De Corridor 27, 3621 AG Breukelen, Niederlande

QSM AG Fehrenstraße 20, 8032 Zürich, Schweiz

Tel.: +41 44 555 91 26

E-Mail: info(at)qsm-europe.com

Webseite: http://www.qsm-europe.com

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