SET@Jazoon 2012

Die SET und die JAZOON werden in 2012 wieder kooperieren und mit einer Konferenz gemeinsam auftreten. Zwei starke und etablierten Marken treten somit gemeinsam auf, von den Vorteilen werden Sie profitieren!

! Call for Papers is open !
Deadline for submissions is : February 26, 2012

Be a part of JAZOON'12JAZOON'12 will be the 6th edition of a successful conference series started in 2007. The presentations cover a broad spectrum of topics encompassing state-of-the-art software development, software engineering and the management of software development processes.

  • Jazoon is aimed at professionals involved in software development (software developers) as well as in decisions regarding software development processes, methods, and technologies (e.g. IT managers, project leaders, software architects, etc.).
  • The participants will gain an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art in modern software development and software engineering.
  • The focus is on cutting edge techniques that have also proven to be successful in practical use.

JAZOON'12 topics in brief


  • Agile@Scale
  • Architecture@Enterprise
  • Soft Skills@Management


  • Novel Software Delivery Approaches: App Stores Everyware
  • Enterprise Java and .net: Frameworks, BPM, ESB
  • The Web Application Platform: RIA, REST, UI
  • Development Tools And Techniques: IDEs, Testing, Collaboration
  • JavaScript - The Universal Language of the Web
  • Infrastructure Technologies & Language Issues
  • The Mobile Platforms: OS, Authentication, UI

The JAZOON'12 conference invites you to share your experience andknowledge in the following categories:

  • JAZOON Long Talk Presentation slots will be 50 minutes
  • JAZOON Short Talk Presentation slots will be 20 minutes
  • SET Long Talk Presentation slots will be 50 minutes
  • SET Short Talk Presentation slots will be 20 minutes

The Call for Papers for technical long and short talks
ends 26 February 2012

More about the Call for Papers:

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