Pragmatic model driven architecture with use cases and business classes

OOP 2007

Autoren: Sander Hoogendoorn

Model driven architecture is a powerful paradigm, but difficult to implement.

Model driven architecture is a powerful paradigm, but difficult to implement.This talk presents a pragmatic approach towards MDA, where modeling (UML), software architecture and frameworks come together into a powerful implementation.The speaker shows how to model stereotyped „smart” use cases and business classes, applying various property types, such as value objects and reference objects.This approach is used to generate code through all layers of the software architecture, including user interface, but also facilitates automated estimation and generating test scenarios. Last but not least, all pieces fall into place during a live demo where the speaker will build a web application.This energetic, inspiring talk is guaranteed to broaden your vision on model driven architecture. Target audience: architects, designers, developers, testers. Prerequisites: knowledge on UML,MDA, use cases and software architecture is helpful, but is not mandatory. Level: intermediate

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