Value and Economics of Private Cloud Computing Platform

SET 2010

Autoren: Thomas Koch

Credit Suisse AG, a world-leading financial services company, seizes high customer satisfaction and applause using their leading edge "Private Cloud Computing Platform", built on Java. Side-effects include higher server utilization and hence less power consumption and a 10% reduction of "run the bank" IT costs year over year. Automation and comprehensive tool support for configuration and deployment allows enforcement of a strict lifecycle concept. Those facts sound just too good to be true? The concept behind all this is comprehensive and repeatable as it addresses the degree of industrialization of an Enterprise-Java application platform. Credit Suisse's approach to automate applications assembly has inspired Oracle's plan for releasing the Oracle Assembly Builder:  a tool to enable a single-click deployment of relevant application environment artifacts, allowing customers to more quickly and easily deploy an enterprise application or SOA service. Credit Suisse will describe their concepts based on Oracle WebLogic Server, and explain  framework and necessities to implement and run such a platform in a big bank.

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