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Als Architekten sind wir immer wieder mit neuen Technologien und Plattformen konfrontiert und müssen die jeweiligen Best Practices immer wieder neu erarbeiten. In dieser Kategorie finden Sie Beiträge zu konkreten Technologien und Plattformen - und auch eine Menge Best Practices dazu.

Memory Grid Architecture with Nati Shalom

Sprecher / Autor: Nati Shalom

In this episode, Robert talks with Nati Shalom about the emergence of large-system architectures consisting of a grid of high-memory nodes. As memory has become faster and cheaper more rapidly than has disk storage, application state has increasingly migrated to memory in the form of caches. Memory grids take this one step further, using memory as the system of record and disk is used as a write-behind journal for recovery purposes.  Data and processing are colocated on the same node, which hosts what would be multiple tiers in the popular multi-tiered architectures. Data partitioning and distributed algorithms such as map-reduce become critical design decisions. Nati also discusses reliability and availability considerations of memory grids.


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