Serviceorientierte Architekturen (SOA)

Services im kleinen Maßstab: SOA für eingebettete Systeme

OBJEKTspektrum - Ausgabe SOA/2007
Titelthema: Serviceorientierte Architekturen (SOA)

Leseprobe: Web services and service-oriented architectures are usually associated with large distributed systems. Scenarios using these technologies, however, also exist in the world of small embedded systems. We present a web service solution for embedded systems that is based on the OSGi framework. At the heart of our approach lies an adaptation of the Apache CXF enterprise service bus to embedded Java platforms.The article introduces a number of background technologies and concepts such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services and OSGi. It also outlines the available Java technology in the embedded space. In addition a number of use-cases are shown, which validate the use of SOA and distribution technologies in this context.Technically the article describes a reference project which was undertaken to realize service distribution using Web Services for embedded devices. It utilizes Apache CXF and OSGi to achieve this goal. The reader is presented with a number of problems that had to be addressed in order to achieve this and a walk-through of how this can be realized in a non-intrusive way. Finally the article examines practical deployment issues and experiences. It outlines the steps needed to run a Java 5-based product like CXF on an embedded Java platform, which is often limited to older versions of Java and therefore lacking key language constructs such as annotations, without making changes to the code. (Artikel in deutscher Sprache)

Autor(en): Roman Roelofsen, David Bosschaert, Arne Koschel, Volker Ahlers

Artikeljahresübersichten OBJEKTspektrum 2007

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