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SIGS DATACOM ONLINE-MARKETING - Make contact with your target audience

In our 25 years as organisers, training providers and specialist publishers of a variety of specialist IT conferences, we have amassed a database which you can access as part of our online marketing services – 75.000 IT professionals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We know our contacts well. Quite apart from their job title, sector and company, we know their areas of special interest. Which courses have they completed? Which lectures have they attended at our events and what material have they downloaded from our SIGS DATACOM WISSEN portal?

From this we gain a detailed profile of their interests, as well as the potential to address your target audience without wastage. Whether advertising your products and services, recruiting seminar or event participants or to fill open positions – we’re always able to support you!

Through lead generation campaigns – with the help of your webinars, eBooks, studies, white papers, case studies specialist articles or our specialist poster or infographics – we identify your future customers!

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