Specialist posters, developed by highly competent experts (e.g. universities, institutes), are ideal for day-to-day support of IT projects and are the perfect tool for successful content marketing.

Benefit from qualified topic-specific leads and the long-term visibility of these posters in workplaces! Our studies show that these posters remain on office walls for more than two years.

The posters are advertised in multi-step marketing campaigns. When ordering the posters, the customer agrees to the transfer of their contact information to poster sponsors. Each lead contains a first and last name, company name, address, job title, email address and telephone number.

Each poster is ordered by 400-600 IT professionals.

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•   Provide your sales force with qualified, topic-specific leads!
•    Save money thanks to our competitive cost per lead!
•    Position your company as a solution provider in the context of the topics trending in the IT world today.
•    Benefit from the supplementary marketing activities, accessing over 25.000 IT professionals!
•    Save time - we manage for you the content and graphical details.


Start of campaignTopic focus
February    Testing
March    Security
April    Cloud
April    DevOps
May    Agility
June    Application Lifecycle Management
September     Requirements Engineering
October    Business App Development

Learn more about the specific content details and the target audience of the topics on request.