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Enterprise organizations spend about 80% of their IT budget maintaining legacy applications and only 20% on innovation. That is a ratio that has not significantly changed in the last 20 years even with improvements in hardware, server virtualization, and application development technologies.

These existing applications often serve an important purpose and are critical to the day-to-day operations of a business; they cannot be simply retired. But the reality is that these applications are generally inefficient to operate. They are expensive to maintain and have many interdependencies that make them fragile and difficult to move. As a result, organizations tend to overprovision resources to “keep the lights on” and hang onto outdated infrastructure just to support these applications.

At the same time, application developers gravitate towards solutions that allow them to build and create new applications with the least friction. That has contributed to platform sprawl where different applications are being deployed in a variety of private and public clouds. A RightScale study shows that the average number of IT platforms (public clouds, private clouds, and other on-premises infrastructure) a company operates has increased in the last year from 6 to 8. This fragmentation increases the pressure on the IT budget as each platform becomes an operational island requiring its own tools, expertise, and processes.

For IT leaders, this becomes the paradox of being asked to invest in new areas of innovation while the overall infrastructure footprint continues to expand and while existing applications still require ongoing maintenance and updates.

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