Measuring and tracking the 5 critical drivers of DevOps success

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How DevOps Teams can achieve business success with proven KPIs.
For your DevOps efforts to be a true success, you need to show more than how you resolved the  conflict between operations and development to get better software results.
Most importantly, you need to demonstrate what you do has a positive impact on the business, regardless of what you call the changes you make and the culture you build.

You can’t know for sure that you are achieving business success with your DevOps approach unless you measure the right things and manage your DevOps operation to continuously keep the key performance indicators in the right balance.
Think of it this way: DevOps without measurement – or without measuring the right things – is a fail.

These customer experience KPIs could include:

  •  Conversion rates by page load timing
  •  Frequency of key transactions
  •  Number of visits per user/per week
  •  User growth rates
  •  Funnel metrics
  •  Amount of time spent in app
  •  A/B test results
  •  Customer satisfaction

When it comes to speed, many organizations rely on the agility of the AWS Cloud to streamline and accelerate the development and deployment of software. Through Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), DevOps teams can gain access to the services they need to bring new products to market quickly, without the effort to provision and manage servers, networks, or storage.


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