O´Reilly eBook: The Business Bottleneck

Breaking Trough the Last Barrier of Digital Transformation

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Mainstream companies are transforming to a “tech company” model. The Home Depot and Dick’s Sporting Goods have shifted to an omnichannel model: 50% of items purchased online are picked up in-store at The Home Depot. Car companies like Ford and Daimler are adding new services to their existing products with continually innovating apps that evolve their businesses. Every insurance company is responding to the need to improve customer experience by speeding up the claims process. 

This report is addressed to people within IT who want to understand and work with their business counterparts. Of course, this report is also useful outside the IT department who want to understand the digital transformation in their organization and help drive it forward. As always, "digital transformation" means improving the way you use software to improve your business. Ideally, there is little or no difference between the two, as you will read in the following text. Each section is supported by small and larger case studies to illustrate the thinking and tactics

  1. Explaination of a way of thinking about software and how it’s built that’s more accurate to the true nature of software. This model of software informs how the rest of the enterprise should adapt to benefit from software’s inherent agility.

  2.  A look at how the finance department should change to align better with the true nature of software.

  3.  The same with the strategy department.

  4. The last section lays out tasks that the corporate leaders in business and IT should prioritize and tackle.


 We hope this report will help those of you working in those organizations improve how you do software.



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