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Recommendations to Overcome the New Complexity in Application Performance

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Application complexity is exploding. Java/.Net, SOA, virtualization, and distributed architectures are creating a new world of complexity, introducing new challenges to the performance of and visibility into today's applications.
The constantly-shifting nature of this new world makes today’s application environments difficult to visualize, harder to diagnose and impossible to reproduce in a test environment. Learn how companies such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Peopleclick are facing these challenges – which cannot be met by traditional approaches, and can lead to days and weeks wasted on costly issue reproduction and root-cause analysis, not to mention the potentially negative impacts to the business.

Listen to this recorded webinar where you will learn firsthand from experts at Peopleclick and dynaTrace about:

  • The new application complexity brought about by today’s new technologies and architectures such as SaaS, SOA, virtualization, distributed systems and clouds
  • New approaches to Application Performance Management to get ahead of the curve and overcome the complexity of this new world
  • Peopleclick’s view of the new Application Performance requirements demanded by this shift
  • How forward-thinking companies like Peopleclick are adapting to this rapidly-evolving application environment
  • New approaches to overcome the challenges presented by today’s application environments
  • How to isolate root cause in minutes – even in a production system
  • Recommendations for Best Practices to more effectively manage this shifting landscape

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