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Managing Requirements Your Way

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This paper will reveal new ways to improve your requirements process – regardless of your starting point or requirements process.

In the first section, the paper will define the requirements process and outline the various capture methods available today.

Next, we’ll look at the prosand cons of various common approaches used by organizations today to manage requirements, from the simplest manual process, to agile processes used in software development organizations, through to the most formal requirements process – and in each case, outline ways Polarion Requirements can be leveraged to better each process method.

Finally, for organizations that are approaching the requirements discipline for the first time, or who have a requirements process that is in-between the processes we’ve described – not too agile or not formal, we will share some recommended best practices for requirements management we have cultivated through our own experience and gathered by listening to our 500.000+ users in developing software that can be enabled within any organization.

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