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Measuring up to modern performance practices

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Make performance testing pay off with service virtualization.

When companies invest in a performance center of excellence, it can take up to three years before it starts paying dividends back. As a result, customers are happier, outages are a seemingly rare occurrence, and performance becomes prioritized as a standard policy for application development and deployment.

But just as companies consider the benefits of combining the right setup, labs, and tools, along with the best talent required, they are continuing to hear the about the new challenges that the performance team faces on each project:

• New projects have such increased system complexity and interdependency, isolated performance testing has become nearly impossible, while setup and configuration of the lab is taking three times longer.
• New applications are increasingly built on distributed service architectures, including mobile and cloud-based services that are not in the lab.
• Teams are pressured to test earlier in the application lifecycle, before the application is complete or stable, before all components of the application under test have been completed, and even though applications are less ready to test than ever before.

It seems there’s no rest for the weary as companies combine all these issues with the increased pressure to operate more efficiently, produce valuable results more quickly, and operate with fewer resources.

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