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Speed’s the name of the game but it’s not a “hall pass” for quality - Composite Applications

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In today’s increasingly competitive and impatient world, success in delivering software of value hinges on speed. First, to market often means first to revenue or first to adoption. And, in order to keep pace with business and user demands, development and testing teams are under increased, almost unrelenting pressure to deliver software updates much more frequently than ever before. However, with great speed comes great responsibility. Being first and fastest does not equate to value when the delivered solution does not perform, lacks in user experience or responsiveness. Risks of delivering poor quality software can even affect the brand and business viability, especially if the issue pertains to security breaches or data privacy. Applications teams must move quickly but must also balance the need to keep functional quality, performance, and application security levels aligned even more closely with demanding compliance and business expectations. Add to the urgency the fact that impact to business continuity and brand is rising even more as increasingly business operations and customer engagement takes place online and through mobile devices. Imagine the risk to business if vital customer-facing applications such as online bill pay or customer health records access is subjected to quality, performance, or security failures. The dilemma facing organizations today is how to be agile, but not be fragile with application delivery.

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