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The SAE Avionics Architecture Description Language (AADL) Standard: A Basis for Model-Based Architecture-Driven Embedded Systems Engineering

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Architecture Description Languages provide

significant opportunity for the incorporation of formal methods and engineering

models into the analysis of software and system architectures. A standard is

being developed for embedded real-time safety critical systems which will

support the use of various formal approaches to analyze the impact of the

composition of systems from hardware and software and which will allow the

generation of system glue code with the performance qualities predicted. The

standard, the Avionics Architecture Description Language (AADL), is based on

the MetaH language developed under DARPA and US Army funding and on the model

driven architectural based approach demonstrated with this technology over the

last 12 years. The AADL standard will include a UML profile useful for

avionics, space, automotive, robotics and other real-time concurrent processing

domains including safety critical applications.





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