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Software development tools often have been, and may continue to be, integrated with the help of inflexible point-to-point scripts that are difficult to maintain, however, there is now a much more promising solution. Developed specifically to provide...

Wurden und werden Integrationen zwischen Software-Entwicklungswerkzeugen noch häufig mithilfe von unflexiblen und aufwändig zu pflegenden Punkt-zu-Punkt-Skripten realisiert, so existiert mittlerweile eine wesentlich vielversprechendere Lösung....




When performing architectural analysis on

legacy systems, it is frequently necessary to extract the architecture of the

system, because it has not been documented, or because its documentation is out

of date. However, architectural...




Architecture Description Languages provide

significant opportunity for the incorporation of formal methods and engineering

models into the analysis of software and system architectures. A standard is

being developed for embedded real-time...




The Hard Choices game is a simulation of

the software development cycle meant to communicate the concepts of

uncertainty, risk, options, and technical debt. In the quest to become market

leader, players race to release a quality product to...




Software architecture, as a vehicle for

communication and reasoning about software systems and their quality, is

becoming an area of focus in both the forward- and reverse-engineering

communities. In the past, we have attempted to unify...




Software architecture is one of the most

important tools for designing and understanding a system, whether that system

is in preliminary design, active deployment, or maintenance. Scenarios are

important tools for exercising an architecture...

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA )is currently the best option available for systems integration and the leveraging of legacy systems. Technologies to implement service-oriented systems will certainly evolve to address emerging needs, but the...




This article provides a high-level

introduction to SOA along these dimensions: Alignment with mission and business

goals, instantiation of principles of SOA governance, evaluation of relevant

technologies for SOA implementation, and...




This paper describes the SEI approach is to

cloud computing research for the DoD: identify gaps between the state of the

practice and DoD information dominance goals and mission objectives, propose

architecture and design principles to fill...