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SIGS DATACOM, your partner for IT training & professional information

SIGS DATACOM is an international and vendor-neutral company for further education in the area of Information Technology

SIGS DATACOM is a leading provider of advanced training in the fields of software architecture and engineering, data and insights, as well as, artificial intelligence. SIGS DATACOM offers high-quality specialist information to software architects, IT project managers/managers, experienced programmers, developers and business intelligence/analytics professionals, project managers and consultants as well as AI professionals and data scientists.

Statement: COVID-19/Corona

The current policies around the corona pandemic as well as their uncertain duration cause a lot of challenges, especially for advanced education organisers, and require flexible evaluations and decisions on the realisation of presence events.

For this reason, we are planning the upcoming conferences in the second half of 2020 and OOP 2021 in constant communication with the event locations and health authorities.
For SIGS DATACOM, it is important to balance whether we can offer you the high-quality conference experience you are expecting from us with the respective conditions and requirements for the protection of all participants.

Therefore, we decide individually for each of our events whether it will take place as a presence event at the planned date or whether there is a more suitable new date. If both options do not offer a satisfying solution for participants, speakers and sponsors, we will check whether the event can take place as a digital event and which offers an appropriate alternative of knowledge transfer and interaction.

In rare cases we have to cancel events and are confident that we will be able to hold them again the following year.

We ask for your understanding if the planning of events changes, sometimes at short notice, it is not always up to us to have a direct influence on this, but often it is also due to general decisions made by business and politics regarding the handling of the pandemic.

Current planning status of SIGS DATACOM conferences (as of August 1, 2020) can be found in our full statement, which is linked below.

Stay healthy!

Software Architecture & Engineering

For software architects, IT project managers, experienced developers, testers and programmers, SIGS DATACOM offers a wide range of professional development opportunities. Find out about the latest trends in the field of software technology at our conferences and seminars as well as with our specialist content and gather practice-oriented knowledge from experienced and recognized speakers and content providers.

Data & Insights

Your largest neutral & independent community for Data & Insights in Europe. TDWI promotes the exchange on the latest and most relevant topics from Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence to Data Management and Engineering in order to actively pursue further education at all levels and thus create added value for you as experts.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Spektrum provides well-founded and free specialist information. The specialist portal and the events provide information on the background, current trends and experiences in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and robotics.